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General Information  


Association of Agribusiness in Tajikistan facilitates the promotion of high quality agriculture input, as well as provides awareness raising service among farmers on new technologies that creates conditions for obtain of yield productivity, facilitates the increase of livelihood in rural population, supports the improvement of exporting potential of agriculture producers and protects their rights.

Association of Agribusiness in Tajikistan was officially registered at the Ministry of Justice Republic of Tajikistan on the 2nd of March 2006 and was re-registered on 26th May 2010 at Tax department of Khujand city, and has the Identification number 5110005533. Association is a non-commercial, non-governmental organization.   Activities of the association are based on voluntary principals, legal and democratic self-managed.

Association of Agribusiness in Tajikistan was established by support of IFDC/USAID project “Batken and Sughd Agriculture Input and Dairy Development” and the will of agriculture input dealers: mineral fertilizers exporters, plant protection and whole/retail input sellers. Entrepreneurs of this sector understood the importance of unanimity between legal regulations and regulatory mechanisms that became the moving power of AAT to be emerged. Association have actively participated in number of projects directed to the promotion of high quality agriculture input among farmers and agriculture producers.

The main activities of the association are to voicing out the points of view of its members and defining own positions in business related issues. Strategic focus of the activities is awareness on legal and regulatory changes and informing its members about every important update.

AAT – provides facilities to develop legal business and improves the link between producers, providers and users of agriculture input as well as protects the rights and interests of its members. Since 2007 AAT is functioning independently. The members of AAT are the agro-dealers, processors, associations of Dehkan Farms from: Istaravshan, Gonchi, Matcha, Zafarabad, Asht, J.Rasulov, Kanibadam, B.Gafurov, Khujand and Chkalovsk cities of Sughd Oblast. Also the bog companies as: CJSC InterTajUz (Sughd Oblast), Favz, LLC Aibolit (Dushanbe).

AAT has its affiliate office in Kurgan-Tube, Khatlon Oblast, that combines the membership enterprises from Kurgan-Tube, Vose, Kumsangir, Kulyab, Sarband, Kubodien, Khuroson, Jomi, Hamadoni, Temurmalik and Jilikul areas.

AAT is guided by the Board of Directors, which includes seven committees and executive committee composing several staff personnel. The supreme governing board is the general meeting of the members of AAT.


Mission of the association


Association of Agribusiness in Tajikistan – is the combination of input suppliers, farmers-producers, agriculture processors and exporters of agriculture products, which facilitates the development of agribusiness through protecting its members’ right and interests, as well as provides professional services, coordination of members’ activities, support and protection of property and non-property interest of its members.


Strategic objectives\tasks


  1. Protection of rights and interest of the members of the Association.
  2. Education on legal business with application of new technologies.
  3. 3.      Improvement of the link between suppliers and customers, creating the trading chain through agro-shops. Organization of trade-fairs.
  4. 4.      Strengthening the capacity of association’s management board.


AAT implements below activities to achieve the strategic objectives:

  • Develop and implement programs\projects, directed to the development of entrepreneur activities of AAT members in the sector of agro-industrial complex.
  • Conduct surveys to identify priority needs and requirement of AAT members, lobbying their interests state departments and other organizations, including international organizations.
  • Facilitate exchange of ideas, expertise among the members.
  • Develop the education programs, directed to the capacity building of AAT specialists.
  • Conduct market research in the sector of proposed products and services to be provided to the members of AAT.
  • Facilitate the members of AAT to have access to the world science-technology achievements in the sector of agro-industrial complex.
  • Expand the area and increase the number of AAT members in Sughd oblast.
  • Provide trainings on legal business and improvement of links between entrepreneurs of Sughd and Khatlon oblast.
  • Establishing agro-stores in Sughd and Khatlon oblasts.
  • Organizing Agro Expo fair-trade in the oblasts to introduce AAT members with innovative technologies in agriculture sectors.
  • Facilitate the participation of AAT members in international fair-trades.


Our members


AAT in Sughd oblast includes 72 entities members representing more than 7000 people.

AAT and AAT affiliate in Khatlon oblast are intended to increase the number of members up to 50 legal entities through the involvement of the agriculture entrepreneurs located in adjacent areas of Sughd. AAT has planned activities to facilitate AAT affiliate in Khatlon oblast:


  • Provide trainings and capacity building of AAT affiliate staff, specialists and members in Khatlon oblast.
  • Provide legal advice and services to create Organizations with Limited Liability by attracting contribution of private entrepreneurs, who are the members of AAT;
  • Provide services on elaboration of Founders agreement, Charter and the registration of the organizations;
  • Develop project proposals and provide training on the development of project proposals to attract donors’ support for the development of agribusiness, creating a network of Agricultural stores in Khatlon oblast;
  • Provide other institutional services such as: informing, lobbying the interests of members, organize meetings and trade fairs for agro dealers and consumers, support in identifying business partners and agree on partnership contracts between members / partners / suppliers / agro-stores;
  • Expand the activities of AAT in the country through the establishment of other affiliates;
  • Organize the annual general assembly of AAT members with the close involvement of AAT affiliate;
  • Provide members of AAT affiliate with the needed information and support staff and members to participate in study tours, business trips to the international Agro-fairs and other trips.
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